2018 Warriors FC Club Trials

By now everyone is aware that our name and structure has changed due to the fact that we are now officially located at both The Wanderers Club (TWC) and The Sandton Sports Club (SSC). As such, there are several changes that will be implemented to the Club Trials procedure. We hope that the following will answer any questions or concerns that you may have. If not, I encourage you to contact us directly at or 011.447.1198

Important Information

  • Club Trials will start the week of February 5, a full month earlier than last year.
  • The purpose of Club Trials is to give all returning players, as well as new players, the opportunity to showcase their talent. Players mature physically and mentally at different rates, which often correlates with a players level of soccer development. As such, each year we wipe the slate clean and start from scratch.
  • The goal of the Club Trials is to form the most competitive teams as possible to provide players with the most challenging environment possible. This applies to both venues and all levels. 
  • From a team perspective we hope to establish, at a minimum, a team at each age group at Wanderers and a team at Sandton as well as a Warriors FC Elite team.
  • The Club Trials will alternate on a weekly basis between Sandton Sports Club and The Wanderers Club. (Teams will train at either Wanderers or Sandton once regular season training begins the week of March 5th). 
  • We encourage players to attend as many Club Trials sessions as possible, and not just at their preferred facility, but both venues – especially if you want to be considered for the Elite team.  
  • Note that all teams will be selected via an age group committee and approved by the Director of Coaching and Executive Director. Teams will be announced the weekend of March

Again, if you have any questions regarding Club Trials please contact us or 011.447.1198