Many children are coached by well intentioned volunteer parents or enthusiastic but untrained coaches. Children (even talented ones) often miss out on the crucial fundamental technical skills needed to develop to their full potential. Despite years of dedication, passion and time devoted to the game of soccer, these players are surpassed in skills by other players who may not be as naturally gifted but who have been coached appropriately.

Most of our coaches are full-time dedicated professional coaches who are carefully selected by us. They have all played at a relatively high level, have years of coaching experience and most importantly have excellent ability to teach young children technique and tactics. A good coach must not only know the game but must have the experience and expertise to transmit that knowledge. Our Coaches draw on the latest international coaching techniques emphasizing high levels of skill, tactical understanding and most importantly, technical development. We ensure all our coaches share the same philosophy on how the game should be played and work as a team to ensure that this philosophy permeates throughout the club.

Maintaining the standard of our coaching staff is an ongoing priority and will continue to be central to our mission. In fact during the off season, all coaches have been trained and share training techniques with each other to ensure the consistency within the club as well as high standards being maintained.