At Wanderers Warriors soccer club we strive to create and nurture players who play beautiful, attacking football with flair, confidence and enjoyment and without fear of mistake. We are based at and part of the beautiful Wanderers Club and our players are lucky enough to be exposed to the superb facilities that the club has to offer including access to the world class Discovery Soccer Park.

We recognize that a “one size fits all” approach to soccer is, for a number of reasons, not always effective. We therefore offer a choice of programs.The appropriate program for a particular player will depend on a number of factors including a player’s age, time constraints, motivation for playing and current skill level . We strongly believe that with the right guidance every player, whatever their skill levels, can make dramatic improvements.

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Club Registration 2016

We are hosting a Parent’s evening on 29 February and 1 March at 5:00pm at Discovery Soccer Park.
Please try and attend one of those evenings as we are using this time to set the tone for the season.

Training is due to commence on these evenings:
U9 & U10 Monday 4:45pm at Discovery Soccer Park
U8,U11,U12 & U13 Tuesday 4:45pm at Discovery Soccer Park

(please note children need to come to the training night allotted to them – age groups are not interchangeable) 


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