Kids Soccer and the Death of Nintendo

June 20, 2010 ;

The sun is shining, birds are singing and the grass is green. What a glorious day. But what are your children up to? Please don’t tell me they’re sitting in front of the television or playing Nintendo. Have they even left their bedroom today?

A quick question, what is the most popular game in the world?

Can anyone guess?

That’s right, it’s soccer, not Mario brothers.

The benefits and beauty of Kids Soccer are enormous and should not be substituted for any computer game or virtual reality. Grass stains and bruises should not be replaced with joysticks and gaming consoles. Dreams, hope and the fairytale should burn in every young child not the achievement of level 3 in Mario Brothers or the latest DVD set.

An active happy kid is a healthy kid. What better way to keep your kids active and happy by introducing them to soccer? Apart from the obvious fitness benefits, soccer also develops the social skills of all children participating which will serve them for years to come. You never know, they might even find a new best friend.

Soccer is a team sport that allows kids to learn how to share, listen and co-operate and how to leverage their efforts in a team environment. What could be healthier for your child than a group of like-minded friends that share the same passion?

The game will also introduce them to the world of competition and will allow them to develop new skills and techniques that will serve them throughout their life.

What most parents fail to understand is that soccer is not just a sport but rather a lifestyle. A routine such as soccer creates a healthy habit, which will inevitably lead to a healthy lifestyle. What more could you possibly ask for?

Throw in a few smiles, laughter and a handful of friends and the importance of soccer clearly becomes evident. The beauty of kids soccer should never be jeopardised at the expense of Sony or Nintendo.

The beautiful world game has unearthed superstars, great athletes, leaders and some bigger than life characters. What has Nintendo discovered? Mind numbing entertainment that serves no benefit at all would be one.

“May the winds of destiny blow you to the stars.”

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